Friday, May 9

first communion invitations for luna

I loved working on this first communion invitation for a little girl named Luna Fragolina. How wonderful is her name? Luna's mother requested a simple design printed in a strawberry red colour. I adore the large script cap and the tiny srawberry amidst the copy. This design is light, playful and sweet!


Monday, April 28

crochet rugs

While looking for crochet projects, I've realised that I like to work big! That is, with a big hook and big yarn. I find it easier to use than small hooks and thin yarn. That and the piece works up really quickly with a big hook. So, I thought I'd try making a crochet rug and my first one turned out well, so I went ahead and made another. I love the feel of these rugs. I used cotton sheets so that they're nice and cushiony to stand or sit on.

The toughest part, for me, is the making of the yarn. I used thrifted bedsheets and it takes a while to cut them with scissors. I opted to do that instead of tearing the sheets because I knew I'd end up tearing the strips right through and I prefer to have the yarn as one continuous piece. This nifty tutorial is what I used to turn the bedsheets into yarn. There are plenty of crochet rug tutorials out there and even videos, including this one. I used a 15 mm (Q) hook and the rugs came to be about 3.5 feet wide. For the next rug, I'm hoping to make it even larger which means I'll be looking for thrifted king size duvet covers! 

Wednesday, March 19

tags + labels for TARO crochet

For a little over a month now, I've been hooked on crocheting.

It started with the desire to make myself a cowl. On the spur of the moment, while visiting my mom, I asked her to teach me how to crochet. She did, and the next thing I knew I was crocheting cowls for two straight weeks, probably one a day.

I'm delighted to say that I love doing it. I especially like using soft, wool-blend, thick and chunky yarn. And oh, the colours! I partly made so many cowls just to see them in so many different colours. Not only are they beautiful but they really do keep you warm. While I was knee-deep in cowl-making, the temperatures here in Toronto were unkind. Freezing rain, snow, and wind chills in the forecast made me giddy and looking forward to cowl-wearing weather!

In the midst of taking up this new-found interest, I started an Instagram account to document the goings-on of it all. And in doing that, I started to get orders for the cowls. And because of that, I decided to create a name for the work that I was making and designed and printed tags/labels to send out with the orders. It's been a whirlwind of making and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The cowls are made to order and I'm still slowly adding more colours to line. And because of that, I'm taking the time to crochet rather than to set-up an online ordering system. For now, folks are ordering through the TARO Instagram feed and by emailing me at taromakes[at]gmail[dot]com.


Tuesday, March 18

Thank you to those who've signed up for the lino printing workshop with Ligatures YYZ. Looking forward to meeting you all this Sunday!


Wednesday, March 5

lino printing workshop with ligatures yyz

I'm happy to say that I'll be a part of Ligatures very first workshop on linoleum carving and printing! It's happening this month and I'll be hosting with Christopher Rouleau, one of the three extraordinary partners of Ligatures. What also makes this workshop extra special is that it'll be taking place at the charming Coach House Books in downtown Toronto and with the help of our friend, Kevin King, proofs of the linos will be printed on a Vandercook press! To join in on the fun, please see the Ligatures blog and for RSVP details.